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What is an Apartment

What is an Apartment?



If you are thinking of buying or renting a residential apartment, you may have come across the many types of apartments. So first it should be clear what are exactly you looking for? What is an Apartment? Let us understand the type of apartments so that they can help you when searching for apartments in Indirapuram, Noida for buy or rent.

Types of apartments

Apartments vary in different prices, sizes, and layout plans. It may be very difficult to find the right apartment as there are so many different criteria to consider. Here are some simple tips to help you to find out the different types of apartments that meet your needs and expectations.

Studio Apartments
Serviced Apartments
High-rise Apartments
Low-rise Apartments
Duplex Apartments

1. Studio Apartments

A studio apartment is usually a small apartment that consists of a single room that combines the bedroom, living room, and kitchen space with an attached bathroom. These are small in size but full of amenities. For individuals who living alone and want to stay close to their offices or colleges like in a flat or apartment, a studio apartment is perfect. Studio apartments are perfectly affordable for those looking for their first property.

2. Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are usually fully furnished apartments suitable for those who are looking for an apartment for a short-term stay in a city instead of hotels, a serviced apartment is the perfect solution for them. They have come with various amenities like furnishings, wi-fi, housekeeping, and some meal services also. These are hassle-free living spaces for a stay that come fully equipped.

Serviced apartments offer facilities much like a hotel but with more space, convenience and privacy. so you can enjoy living like a home when travelling and usually at a much lower cost.

3. High-rise Apartments

A high-rise apartment is a unit in an apartment complex that has multistory towers. They are a gated complex with two or three-tier security, access to multiple elevators, dedicated reserved parking, a park, club, and other amenities.

This is true in cities that have a picturesque landscape of greenery. One of the key attractions of high-rise apartments is the view. The higher the apartment, the better the view. High-rise apartments also get more natural light than the ones below.

When buying an Apartment, security is a major factor that people consider before making a decision. High-rise apartments are known to offer better security with security cameras and sensors.

4. Low-rise Apartments

A low-rise apartment is an apartment in a building with one to four floors, some of these have elevators. all the buildings up to the height of 15 meters from the first access point for a fire engine are considered low-rise buildings. These apartments are available in group housing projects as well as in independent plots. Many people also prefer to live in low-rise apartments.

Lesser Population
Better Living
Availability of Open Spaces
More Usable Area (Low FAR)
Easy Evacuate

5. Duplex Apartments

A duplex is an Independent house or apartment that usually has two or more floors with a staircase connecting the floors from inside the apartment. Duplexes are ideal for families who want to live independently with their own privacy.

Duplex units are well-suited for roommates, colleagues, and families—small groups of people who share a home and who want a house-like setup, with more space than a typical apartment.